So what is Critical Skills?

Critical Skills combines the content from the Basic Skills class and the Strongholds class, with a focus on PRACTICE more than INFORMATION. To get this PRACTICE, everyone in the class is in a small group - called a Drill Group - of 4-5 people. These groups meet every other week, and work through the info from the teachings, which happen every other opposite week. The class experience is a three step process (similar to the format of Next Level) that takes place over the course of two weeks:

  • Exposure - listen to audio of teaching on your own time or with your drill group
  • Experiments - work through the homework and reflect back on the teaching
  • Exchange - meet with your drill group and repent and practice skills

Basic Skills Primer
At the beginning of Hebrews 6, we're told that we MUST have 6 subjects in our tool belt if we're going to be mature. They're referred to as foundational skills - not just information. We have to DO these things to get good at them. They are: repentance, baptisms, how to grow your faith, how authority works (the laying on of hands), how to let God judge you, and the meaning and application of resurrection.

Strongholds / Healing and Deliverance Primer
Jesus tells his guys in Matthew 10 that they're going to wrestle with the devil so they'd better gear up for it. We help people gear up by 1) teaching what the scriptures say about the enemy and our authority, then 2) creating opportunities to put that knowledge to work in areas the Bible calls out as being specific battlegrounds.

In the past we have only offered the teaching lectures at Oakley and typically on Tuesday nights. This limits the class size and also limits WHO can join the class. In an effort to make the class more flexible and more accessible to more people, we are making one significant change to the class. Instead of meeting Tuesday nights at Oakley for a live lecture, you will listen to an audio teaching of the lecture. This can be done on your own or with your drill group. After you listen to the lecture you will work through the homework and meet with your drill group to practice new skills - just the same as in past classes. We are still working out some of the details, but that is the vision for Critical Skills this winter.

To sign up or further gauge your interest and determine if this class is right for you, we invite you to attend two live orientation teachings at Crossroads Oakley. The Orientation is:

Tuesday, January 19th and Thursday, January 21st in Meeting Rooms A/B

**If you are a NEW Critical Skills participant, you are REQUIRED to attend both orientation nights** If you have already taken Critical Skills Part I or Strongholds, you are not required to attend the orientation but are encouraged to if you would like a refresher.

The class will begin with live Orientation sessions in Oakley on Tuesday, January 19th and Thursday, January 21st. The following week you will begin with the recorded lecture of Laying on of Hands and alternate recorded lecture and drill group every other week until the week of May 1st, ending with Walking Out. This schedule is approximate and still being finalized, but we will be covering these topics:

  • Basic Skills:
    Laying on of Hands
    Eternal Judgment
  • Strongholds:

We are blessed to be able to offer Childcare for both of the Orientation nights, which you can request when you sign up for the class.

So here's the catch: We don't have unlimited space. We're in a first-come-first-served situation. Please DO sign up and please DO join us as we get skilled and trained for being full-on disciples of Jesus...but do it quick!

Signup for this session is closed. Click here to add your name to the notification list for the next class.

Bless you guys, and we can't wait to go on this journey with you!

—The Critical Skills Team

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