Gear up.  Get practice.  
Be equipped.

What it is.

Critical Skills combines training in the basic skills of a maturing Jesus follower with tactical awareness of the enemy and practical experience in the ways God provides healing, deliverance and freedom—placing a heavy emphasis on practice over information.

Critical Skills wraps past Basic Skills and Strongholds trainings into a single equipping experience.

Basic Skills  +  Strongholds  =  Critical Skills

Basic Skills
+  Strongholds
=  Critical Skills

How it works.

Critical Skills is offered in two parts typically split between winter and summer sessions. Both sessions are required to fully cover the material.

Each session begins with two orientation classes followed by eight skill or stronghold topic areas. The class rhythm is a 3-step process that repeats every 2 weeks, with teaching content and individual reflection in week 1 and group work in week 2.

Critical Skills focuses on PRACTICE more than INFORMATION. To get this PRACTICE, everyone in the class is in a group—called a Drill Group—of 3-5 people with a trained and experienced leader.

① Exposure

Receive knowledge.

View the teaching WITH the class or your Drill Group.

② Experience

Apply personally.

Work through the homework and reflect back on the teaching.

③ Exchange

Do the stuff.

Meet with your Drill Group to practice skills, repentance, and forgiveness.

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